I Have Need for Your Company

I came on the spiritual path 53 years ago, in 1966, with this song as a not insignificant catalyst. Long story. Big Sur, forest at night, walking down a pitch-black trail, singing the last verse of this song silently in my mind, then lying in a circle with friends under the stars, my ego shrank to nothing and I felt the great Presence of which everything is a part. All paths meet in that experience – I found mine in Autobiography of a Yogi.

So now is the time for your loving, dear,
And the time for your company,
Now when the light of reason fails
And fires burn on the sea;
Now in this age of confusion
I have need for your company.

If I have to seek a justification for posting this, I guess it would be that art has an uncanny way of showing up and opening our hearts in the right place at the right time.

When I was in SRF, Brahmachari Daniel was one of the ministers at the charming little SRF church in Redondo Beach. One Sunday, he told us a revealing story.

He was strolling on the grounds of Mt. Washington, whistling a popular tune, when he happened to glance up at the main office building and saw a senior nun watching him at the window — whereupon he hastily cheesed the whistling.

The nun – I suspect it might have been Durga Mata – leaned out the window and said, “Come inside – I want to talk to you!”

When Dan sheepishly entered the office, she exclaimed, “Master wasn’t like that at all! You can take a popular song and spiritualize it, if it has an uplifting meaning for your heart.”

Dan eventually left the monastery. He lived in Phoenix, where he married and had a career as a professional musician. Dan Hart was a sweet man – a lifelong friend of Ananda, he was a staunch supporter of Swami Kriyananda.

Mimi Fariña (Margarita Mimi Baez Fariña) was Joan Baez’s sister. She passed away in 2001. Richard died in April 1966.

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