2015 Palo Alto Christmas Concert

Here’s the Concert Video on YouTube.

Sunday, 12/6 at 12:15 p.m. Luncheon provided at 11:30 a.m. for those attending concert

Christmas Concert Program 2015 (Fancy PDF)

run-sheet-for-binder (Short PDF for Binder)

Choir pieces by Swamiji:

  1. Cloisters
  2. Mother of Wisdom
  3. That Night When Christ Was Born
  4. The Christmas Mystery
  5. The Christ Child’s Asleep
  6. Christ Has Come!

(All are in your binder. See parts pages in menu above for SATB practice MP3s.)

Choir Pieces — Other Music:

Ave Maria (Rachmaninoff) Sheet Music PDF
Ave Maria Performance:

Ave Maria Rachmaninoff Original Recording

Ave Maria Soprano 1:

Ave Maria Soprano 1

Ave Maria Soprano 2:

Ave Maria Soprano 2

Ave Maria Alto 1:

Ave Maria Alto 1

Ave Maria Alto 2:

Ave Maria Alto 2

Ave Maria Tenor 1:

Ave Maria Tenor 1

Ave Maria Tenor 2:

Ave Maria Tenor 2

Ave Maria Bass:

Ave Maria Bass


Boston Sheet Music PDF
Boston Lyrics PDF Boston Sheet Music With All 3 Verses PDF Boston Performance:

Boston Full Performance

Boston Soprano:

Boston Soprano

Boston Alto:

Boston Alto

Boston Tenor:

Boston Tenor

Boston Bass:

Boston Bass


Jesus Christ the Apple Tree Sheet Music PDF
Jesus Christ the Apple Tree Performance (Kings College Cambridge):

Jesus Christ the Apple Tree Full Performance

Jesus Christ the Apple Tree Soprano:

Jesus Christ the Apple Tree Soprano

Jesus Christ the Apple Tree Alto:

Jesus Christ the Apple Tree Alto

Jesus Christ the Apple Tree Tenor 1:

Jesus Christ the Apple Tree Tenor 1

Jesus Christ the Apple Tree Tenor 2:

Jesus Christ the Apple Tree Tenor 2

Jesus Christ the Apple Tree Bass:

Jesus Christ the Apple Tree Bass


Break Forth: PDF Score

Break Forth Choral:

Break Forth Performance


And one more time auf Deutsch!

Pronunciation guide to the German version, recorded by Karen. Note: German “Volk” is prounounced “Folk.” (Not “Foke” as in English, but “Fohllk.”)

Break Forth Performance Pronunciation Guide

Break Forth Soprano:

Break Forth Soprano

Break Forth Alto:

Break Forth Alto

Break Forth Tenor:

Break Forth Tenor

Break Forth Bass:

Break Forth Bass


Lord of the Dance pdf

Lord of the Dance Performance (audio):

Lord of the Dance Performance


O Come O Come Immanuel PDF


O Come Soprano


O Come Alto


O Come Tenor


O Come Bass


Ensemble Pieces

A Note About the MP3s. Best way to listen is in stereo with headphones or earbuds, so you can hear your part in one ear and the other parts in the other ear. It helps to learn your part in context with everything that’s going on.

Good King Wenceslas SATB Music Score PDF.
NOTE first page may not print; if it doesn’t, click the download button and try printing it that way.
Good King Wenceslas Soprano:

Wenceslas Soprano

Good King Wenceslas Alto:

Wenceslas Alto

Good King Wenceslas Tenor:

Wenceslas Tenor

Good King Wenceslas Bass:

Wenceslas Bass

Lullay my Liking – Gustav Holst Music Score PDF
Lullay, My Liking — Best Performance:

Lullay Performance

Lullay, My Liking Soprano:

Lullay Soprano

Lullay, My Liking Alto:

Lullay Alto

Lullay, My Liking Tenor:

Lullay Tenor

Lullay, My Liking Bass:

Lullay Bass


Johann Sebastian Bach: O Jesulein Suess Music Score PDF

O Jesulein süß-3-verses PDF German Words & Pronunciation Guide

To check your pronuncation, look at the pronunciation guide while you play the following lovely performance by Chanticleer.

O Jesulein Suess Performance:

Jesulein Performance

O Jesulein Suess Soprano:

Jesulein Soprano

O Jesulein Suess Alto:

Jesulein Alto

O Jesulein Suess Tenor:

Jesulein Tenor

O Jesulein Suess Bass:

Jesulein Bass

I_Wonder As I Wander SATB Music Score PDF
I Wonder as I Wander Alto & Solo:

I Wonder Alto

I Wonder as I Wander Bass & Solo:

I Wonder Bass

I Wonder as I Wander Soprano & Solo:

I Wonder Soprano Solo

I Wonder as I Wander Tenor & Solo:

I Wonder Tenor