2016 Christmas Concert – Palo Alto

Dear All: You can find 2016 Christmas Concert choir and ensemble PDFs and practice MP3s here. For all Swami songs, refer to the Ananda Garden page for your section:
Sopranoland, Altoland, Tenorland, Bassland.

To download PDFs, right click and choose the appropriate action. To download an MP3, click the download symbol on the far right of the player.

Christmas Concert Run Sheet (PDF)

Choir Music

Hallelujah Chorus (in key of C)

Scores (PDF):

Hallelujah Chorus SATB score

Practice MP3s (SATB):

Soprano Hallelujah

Alto Hallelujah

(Tenors: this may not be in the key of C. Just learn it and take it down when we sing.)

Tenor Hallelujah

Bass Hallelujah

Full Performance:

Hallelujah Full Performance


In Dulci Jubilo

In Dulci Jubilo Score (PDF)

Practice MP3s (SATB):

Soprano In Dulci

Alto In Dulci

Tenor In Dulci

Bass In Dulci

In Dulci Jubilo Full Performance:

In Dulci Full Performance King Singers


O Jesulein Süss

O Jesulein Süss Score (PDF)

O Jesulein Süss Practice MP3s (SATB):

Soprano O Jesulein

Alto O Jesulein

Tenor O Jesulein

Bass O Jesulein

Full Performance:

O Jesulein Full Performance Chanticleer

O Jesulein süß pronunciation guide


O Come, O Come Emmanuel

O Come O Come PDF Score

Men’s Part:

O Come Men

Women’s Part: listen to the performance recording below to learn your part.

O Come, O Come Full Performance

O Come Full Performance


African Noel

African Noel Score (PDF)


Soprano 1 African Noel

Soprano 2 African Noel

Alto 1 African Noel

Alto 2 African Noel

Tenor 1 African Noel

Tenor 2 African Noel

Bass 1 African Noel

Bass 2 African Noel

Full Performance:

African Noel Full Performance St. Olaf Choir

Ensemble Music


Lift Thine Eyes

Lift Thine Eyes Sheet Music (PDF)

Soprano Lift Thine Eyes

Mezzo Lift Thine Eyes

Alto Lift Thine Eyes


Hayl, Mary Ful of Grace

Hayl, Mary Ful of Grace Sheet Music (PDF)

Hayl Mary Pronunciation Guide (PDF

Middle Hayl Mary

Bottom Hayl Mary

Vocal Hayl Mary

Hayl Mary Full Performance

Hayl Mary Full Performance Chanticleer

Ding Dong Merrily on High

Ding Dong Score (PDF)

Ding Dong


Lullay My Liking

Lullay My Liking Score (PDF)

Soprano Lullay

Alto Lullay

Tenor Lullay

Bass Lullay

Lullay My Liking Full Performance:

Lullay Full Performance


I Wonder as I Wander

I Wonder as I Wander Score (PDF)

Soprano I Wonder

Alto I Wonder

Tenor Solo I Wonder

Bass Solo I Wonder

I Wonder as I Wander Score (PDF):



Good King Wenceslas

Good King Wenceslas score (PDF):


Soprano Good King

Alto Good King

Tenor Good King

Bass Good King


Ave Maria (Biebl)

Ave Maria (Biebl) Score (PDF)

Soprano Ave Maria Biebl

Alto 1 Ave Maria Biebl

Alto 2 Ave Maria Biebl

Tenor 1 Ave Maria Biebl

Tenor 2 Ave Maria Biebl

Bass 1 Ave Mari Biebl

Bass 2 Ave Maria Biebl

Ave Maria (Biebl) Full Performance:

Ave Maria Biebl Chanticleer


The Angel Gabriel

Angel Gabriel Score – SATB (PDF)

Angel Gabriel Score – Sop (PDF)

Angel Gabriel Score – Alto (PDF)

Angel Gabriel Score – Tenor (PDF)

Angel Gabriel Score – Bass (PDF)

Soprano Angel Gabriel

Alto Angel Gabriel

Tenor Angel Gabriel

Bass Angel Gabriel

Angel Gabriel Full Performance:

Angel Gabriel Full Performance