Resources for learning to sing, learning to sing with inspiration, learning Swami Kriyananda’s music, warming up the voice, practicing, etc.

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  1. Swami Kriyananda’s talk on How to Use the Voice to Uplift and Inspire (15.5 MB MP3)
  2. Swami Kriyananda talks about The Inspiration Behind Life Mantra (5.5 MB MP3)
  3. Ramesha with Bhagavati
    Ramesha with Bhagavati. (Click to enlarge.)

    VocalBliss. Ananda member Ramesha Nani offers professional voice training lessons in person and online. Ramesha is a wonderful teacher. His goal is to help Ananda singers sing with good technique, so that they can share inspiration. Highly recommended.

  4. The Sacred Art of Singing. Advice from Ananda music director David Eby on finding inner attunement and singing with inspiration.
  5. Aaron Lim’s advice for warming up the voice. Many new singers never realize what a great difference it makes to sing with a thoroughly warmed-up voice. (The Chanticleer singers spend one to two hours every morning warming up their voices.) They start by singing very softly and do all warm-up singing only in the low register, because they find that the high register then takes care of itself. The vocal cords are small and brittle and need to be protected and warmed up with care. Suggestion: Drive in your car and chant and sing for 45 to 90 minutes. Take short breaks to let your vocal cords relax and recover. You will be amazed by how your range extends and how easy it is to sing the “hard notes” when your voice is completely warmed-up.
  6. Learning to sing without strain: Amazing Vocal Tip: Never Strain Again.