Swami’s Changes to His Songs, April 2013

Until we have new PDFs of the music, you can use these files to change the lyrics in your scores.

Download a 3-page PDF with only the changed parts. Thanks to Karen for arranging it by Choir, Ensembles, and Solos.

Download a 39-page Word doc with the changes and complete lyrics.

Solos, Unison Songs, Etc.


OM Song:

AUM song lyrics and chords Cm (PDF)

Om Song Lyrics (PDF)

AUM Song w flute 2014 (PDF)

om-song-with-chords-e-flat-for-harmonium (Word DOCX)

Om Song flute part in C minor (PDF)

Om Song MP3:

Om Song (mp3)


Big Frog, Little Frog | MP3


Manana, Friends


Come Chillun’

For Palo Alto Nightingales (just for fun):

Swami sings Come Chillun’ (SRF 1979)