Tenor Practice MP3s for Ananda Music

This page contains links to practice mp3s for many of Swamiji’s songs (as well as a few for SATB). Nearly all are by Dambara or Chaitanya, thus it goes without saying that they are very good. Wrong notes are rare, but there are a few. Watch your score! Oratorio pieces listed together (bottom). To download scores in printable PDF format, and for SATB mp3s of many songs, visit the main Ananda Music Website








Cherish These (David Eby melody and harmony):

Christ Child’s Asleep – Duet Men
Christmas Mystery.mp3
Christmas Mystery – Slow With Choir

Come Gather ‘Round, Tenor Part
















Join Us In Blessing – Parts 1 & 2


Life Flows On – Tenor 1 with SRW full piece
Life Flows On – Tenor 2 with SRW full piece
Life Flows On Like A River – Tenor 1
Life Flows On Like A River – Tenor 2


Life Mantra — Short Version.mp3
Life Mantra — Short Version Score.pdf





Master’s Love For Me, arr. by DM for choir.pdf








. Men sing in unison on this song. To avoid any temptation to sing it too heavily, Klingon-fashion, here is how Swami Kriyananda renders it:




To Death I’m a Stranger – PDF – SATB score with new words by Swamiji, May 2013
To Death – PDF score – Tenor – new words, May 2013




What is Love_.mp3
Where Has My Love Gone? (Virge)
Note: this is the descant part marked “Bass” in the score, but which is often (usually?) sung by the tenors as it is quite high. Otherwise, tenors sing melody. In the Virge version, watch out for errors in timing. Where Has My Love Gone? (David Eby)
Where Has My Love Gone? (Duet – Tenor & Bass)
Why? (tenor part)
— see virge parts near the end of the linked page.


With David Eby’s MP3s, you can adjust the playback left-right balance to hear more of David’s voice or the background performance. On Mac, the balance slider looks like this: clip_image002