Blessed the Life


Brave Were the People

Brave Were the People (slow)

Brave Were the People (alternate version)



Channels – Men with Choir

Cherish These

Cherish These (David Eby melody and harmony)

Christ Child’s Asleep

Christ Child’s Asleep – Duet Men

Christmas Mystery.mp3

Christmas Mystery – Slow With Choir


Come Gather ‘Round, Tenor Part

Come Chillun’ Wake Up

Come Gather Round


Dare to Be Different


Father, Now That I Wander With Thee

The God’s Blessing

God’s Call Within

Go On Alone

Hello There Brother Bluebell

Hello There Brother Bluebell (slow)

Home Is a Green Hill (Swami singing)

Home Is a Green Hill

Home Is a Green Hill (slow)

I Live Without Fear

I Live Without Fear (slow)

If You’re Seeking Freedom


Join Us In Blessing – Parts 1 & 2

Keep Calling Him

Keep Calling Him (with choir)

Life Flows On – Tenor 1 with SRW full piece

Life Flows On – Tenor 2 with SRW full piece

Life Flows On Like A River – Tenor 1

Life Flows On Like A River – Tenor 2

Life Is a Dream (duet – harmony)

Life Is a Dream

Life Mantra short version TENOR (latest version from Karen)

Life Mantra — Short Version.mp3 (by Chaitanya — it’s beautiful, but he skips a short section)

Life Mantra — Short Version Score.pdf


Looking for a Friend

Lord May We Serve You

Lord I Long to See Thee

Many Hands Make a Miracle

Master’s Love For Me, arr. by DM for choir.pdf


Master’s Love for Me



O Master


Praise Ye the Lord All Creatures

Secret of Laughter

Song of the Nightingale

Men sing in unison on this song. To avoid any temptation to sing it too heavily, Klingon-fashion, here is how Swami Kriyananda renders it:

Song of the Nightingale (Swami sings)

That Night When Christ Was Born

There’s Joy in the Heavens

Three Wise Men

Through All Trials

To Death I’m a Stranger – PDF – SATB score with new words by Swamiji, May 2013

To Death – PDF score – Tenor – new words, May 2013

To Death I’m a Stranger


Wedding Blessing

Well Done, Lord

What Is It For?

What is Love_.mp3

Where Has My Love Gone? (Virge)

Note: this is the descant part marked “Bass” in the score, but which is often (usually?) sung by the tenors as it is quite high. Otherwise, tenors sing melody. In the Virge version, watch out for errors in timing. Where Has My Love Gone? (David Eby)

Where Has My Love Gone? (Duet – Tenor & Bass)

Why? (tenor part)


— see virge parts near the end of the linked page.


With David Eby’s MP3s, you can adjust the playback left-right balance to hear more of David’s voice or the background performance. On Mac, the balance slider looks like this: clip_image002

A New Tomorrow

A New Tomorrow (slow)

Mother of Wisdom

Mother of Wisdom (slow)

Christ Has Come

Christ Has Come (slow)

Sing Out With Joy

Three Wise Men (tenor & alto)

Three Wise Men

Sing Out With Joy (tenor & choir)

Sing Out With Joy (slow)

Lift Your Hearts

Lift Your Hearts (slow)

He Who Clothes the Fields

He Who Clothes the Fields (slow)

Living Water (slow)

Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday (slow)

You Remain Our Friend

You Remain Our Friend (slow)

When Human Hopes

When Human Hopes (slow)

Christ Is Risen

Christ Is Risen (slow)

Thy Light

Thy Light (slow)