Ananda Assisi (2000 or 2001)

A charming album of Swami Kriyananda’s Songs, performed in Italian and English by the singers of Ananda Assisi.

Notes: As part of my efforts to learn to use a new digital audio recorder, I had an email conversation with the folks from the music ministry in Assisi: Bhaktan, Ruby Stoppe, Nandini, and Gitanjali. I’ll use the recorder for interviews but felt duty bound to learn a little about recording music as well, since the recorder will be available to the Palo Alto musicians, and it might help me get them started with the new tech. Long story short, Bhaktan very kindly sent an album of songs recorded by the Assisi singers and musicians in 2000 or 2001. It’s called La Luce e’ dentro di te! (The Light is Within You!). Enjoy! — Rambhakta

01 Un nuovo domani (A New Tomorrow)

02 Fratelli (Brothers)

03 Come Children wakeup (Come Children, Wake Up!)

04 Se tu vuoi la gioia (If You’re Seeking Freedom)

05 Canta Osanna (Sing Out With Joy)

06 Praise Ye the Lord (Praise Ye the Lord)

07 Ora Padre (Father, Now That I Wander With Thee)

08 O Signore mio Altissimo (Make Us Channels of Thy Peace)

09 What is Love (What Is Love?)

10 Blessed (Blessed the Life)

11 Lord may we serve you (Lord, May We Serve You)

12 Quando mi Sveglio (I Will Always Think of Thee)

13 Napoli (When You Come to Napoli)

14 Walk like a man (Walk Like a Man)

15 Life is a dream (Life Is a Dream)

16 I live without fear (I Live Without Fear)

17 I veri tesori (Amalfi Coast – Is There Anywhere on Earth…)

18 Dark Eyes (Dark Eyes)

19 Isis (Isis Comes)

20 Monasteries (Monasteries)

21 Chiostri (Cloisters)

22 Mother of Wisdom (Mother of Wisdom)

23 Per paura del Tuo amor (You Remain Our Friend)

24 La Luce Divina splende (Thy Light Within Us Shining)

25 Pace (Peace)