Bass Practice MP3s for Ananda Music

This page contains links to practice mp3s for many of Swamiji’s songs. Wrong notes are rare, but there may be a few. Watch your score!

Oratorio pieces listed together (bottom).

To play or download a file, click it and choose the desired option.

Bass Practice Files From David Eby. Two versions of each song: (1) David sings the part, (2) David sings voice-over with the choir. Big thanks to David for this wonderful service!

01 Blessed.mp3
Blessed slow-bass.mp3
Blessed – Bass.mp3
Brave Were the People Bass
Brave Bass slow.mp3
02 Brothers.mp3
Brothers bass slow.mp3
Channels men slow .mp3
Channels men with choir.mp3

Cherish These (David Eby melody and harmony):

The Christ Child’s Asleep
The Christ Child’s Asleep – Duet – Men
Cloisters men melody both.mp3
03 Come Chillun.mp3
Come Chillun – Bass.mp3
Come Gather bass slow.mp3
Come Gather Round – Bass.mp3
04 Come Gather.mp3
04 Come Gather1.mp3
Come Gather bass slow.mp3
Dare to Be Different.mp3
Dark Eyes bass.mp3
05 God’s Blessing.mp3
Gods Blessing – Bass.mp3
Go On Alone – Bass.mp3
06 Hello There Br Bluebell.mp3
Hello There Brother Bluebell – Bass.mp3
Home Is a Green Hill – Bass.mp3
07 I Live without Fear.mp3
I Live Without Fear – Bass.mp3
If You’re Seeking Freedom — latest version from David Eby
08 If You’re Seeking Freedom.mp3
If Youre Seeking Freedom – Bass.mp3
09 Invocation.mp3
Invocation – Bass.mp3
Join Us in Blessing Bass slow
Join Us in Blessing Bass w_choir
Keep Calling Him – Bass.mp3
Life Flows On – Bass 1 with SRF full piece
Life Flows On – Bass 2 with SRF full piece
Life Flows On – Higher Bass 1
Life Flows On – Lower Bass 2
10 Life Is A Dream.mp3
Life Is a Dream – Bass.mp3
Life Mantra Bass Short Version Slow
Life Mantra Bass Short Version With Choir
Little Kathy – Bass.mp3
11 Many Hands.mp3
Many Hands – Bass.mp3
The Master’s Love For Me
12 May We Serve.mp3
May We Serve You – Bass.mp3
13 O Master.mp3
O Master – Bass.mp3
14 Praise Ye the Lord.mp3
Praise Ye the Lord – Bass.mp3
15 Secret of Laughter.mp3
Secret of Laughter – Bass.mp3
Song of the Nightingale, men.mp3. Men sing in unison on this song. To avoid a temptation to sing it too heavily, Klingon-fashion, here is how Swami Kriyananda renders it:

That Night When Christ Was Born
16 Through All Trials.mp3
Through All Trials – Bass.mp3
To Death I’m a Stranger — PDF SATB score with new words from Swamiji, May 2013
To Death – Bass PDF score with new words, May 2013
To Death – New Version – Slow.mp3
17 Truth Can Never Die.mp3
Truth Can Never Die – Bass.mp3
18 Walk Like a Man.mp3
19 Well Done, Lord.mp3
Well Done Lord – Bass.mp3
20 What Is It For.mp3
What Is It For – Bass.mp3
21 What Is Love.mp3
What Is Love – Bass.mp3
Where Has My Love Gone – Bass.mp3
04 Bass WHMLG 1.mp3
Where Has My Love Gone (David Eby)
Where Has My Love Gone (Duet – Tenor & Bass)

Why? (Virge). Don’t know which virge files are each part – good luck!

Track 1.mp3

Track 2.mp3

Track 3.mp3

Track 4.mp3

Track 5.mp3

Track 6.mp3

Track 9.mp3



A New Tomorrow.mp3
A New Tomorrow – Bass.mp3
Mother Of Wisdom.mp3
Mother of Wisdom – Bass.mp3
Christ Has Come.mp3
Christ Has Come – Bass.mp3
Lift Your Hearts.mp3
Lift Your Hearts – Bass.mp3
He Who Clothes.mp3
He Who Clothes – Bass.mp3
You Remain.mp3
You Remain Our Friend – Bass.mp3
When Human Hopes.mp3
When Human Hopes – Bass.mp3
Christ Has Risen.mp3
Christ Is Risen – Bass.mp3
Sing Out With Joy.mp3
Sing Out With Joy – Bass.mp3
Three Wise Bass.mp3
Three Wise Men – Bass.mp3
Thy Light Within Us Shining.mp3
Living Water – Bass.mp3
Palm Sunday – Bass.mp3
Thy Light – Bass.mp3
The Light That Was Christ – Bass.mp3