Bass Practice MP3s for Ananda Music

This page contains links to practice mp3s for many of Swamiji’s songs. Wrong notes are rare, but there may be a few. Watch your score!

Oratorio pieces are listed together at the bottom of this page.

If you need an mp3 that isn’t included, there’s a good chance you’ll find it in the Ananda Music Library (PW: joyjoy)

To play or download a file, click it and choose the desired option.

01 Blessed

Blessed slow-bass

Blessed – Bass


Brave Were the People Bass

Brave Bass slow

02 Brothers

Brothers bass slow

Channels men slow

Channels men with choir

Cherish These (Karen with choir)

Cherish These (David Eby melody and harmony)

The Christ Child’s Asleep

The Christ Child’s Asleep – Duet – Men

Cloisters men melody both

03 Come Chillun

Come Chillun – Bass

Come Gather bass slow

Come Gather Round – Bass

04 Come Gather with choir

04 Come Gather1

Come Gather bass slow

Dare to Be Different

05 God’s Blessing

Gods Blessing – Bass

Go On Alone – Bass

06 Hello There Br Bluebell

Hello There Brother Bluebell – Bass

Home Is a Green Hill – Bass

07 I Live without Fear

I Live Without Fear – Bass

If You’re Seeking Freedom — latest version from David Eby

08 If You’re Seeking Freedom

If Youre Seeking Freedom – Bass

09 Invocation

Invocation – Bass

Join Us in Blessing Bass sl

Join Us in Blessing Bass w_choir

Keep Calling Him – Bass

Life Flows On – Bass 1 with SRF full piece

Life Flows On – Bass 2 with SRF full piece

Life Flows On – Higher Bass 1

Life Flows On – Lower Bass 2

10 Life Is A Dream

Life Is a Dream – Bass

Life Mantra short version BASS (latest version from Karen)

Life Mantra Bass Short Version Slow

Life Mantra Bass Short Version With Choir


Little Kathy – Bass

11 Many Hands

Many Hands – Bass

The Master’s Love For Me

The Master’s Love for Me-Bass (PDF Score)

The Master’s Love for Me-SATB (PDF Score)

12 May We Serve

May We Serve You – Bass


Memories, bass part (slow)

13 O Master

O Master – Bass

14 Praise Ye the Lord

Praise Ye the Lord – Bass

15 Secret of Laughter

Secret of Laughter – Bass

Song of the Nightingale, men. Men sing in unison on this song. To avoid a temptation to sing it Klingon-fashion, here is how Swami Kriyananda renders it: Song of the Nightingale (Swami sings)

That Night When Christ Was Born

16 Through All Trials

Through All Trials – Bass

To Death I’m a Stranger — PDF SATB score with new words from Swamiji, May 2013

To Death – Bass PDF score with new words, May 2013

To Death – New Version – Slow

17 Truth Can Never Die

Truth Can Never Die – Bass

18 Walk Like a Man

19 Well Done, Lord

Well Done Lord – Bass

20 What Is It For

What Is It For – Bass

21 What Is Love

What Is Love – Bass

Where Has My Love Gone – Bass

04 Bass WHMLG 1

Where Has My Love Gone (David Eby)

Where Has My Love Gone (Duet – Tenor & Bass)
Why? (Virge). Don’t know which virge files are each part – good luck!

Track 1

Track 2

Track 3

Track 4

Track 5

Track 6

Track 9



A New Tomorrow – Bass (with choir)

A New Tomorrow – Bass (slow)



Christ Has Come (with choir)



He Who Clothes (with choir)






Christ Is Risen (with choir)

Christ Is Risen – Bass (slow)

Sing Out bass slow


Three Wise Men Bass (verge)

Three Wise Men Bass


Thy Light Within Us Shining

Thy Light (Italian and English words by Assisi Choir – wonderful)





Thy Light Bass alone

The Light That Was Christ, bass part