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America the Beautiful



(Note, in the practice recording, on the last note, the tenor line goes down instead of up.)



(Note, in the Bass practice recording there’s a difference from the score we’re using in the second-last bar of the first line. Best we can do for now.)


Palo Alto Spring Concert 2015 Parts

Ave Verum Corpus – Mozart Ave verum Mozart for Easter (PDF Score) Parts MP3s by Karen First link is to the MP3 file, followed by player for listening online. Ave verum corpus sop (MP3)

Ave verum corpus alto (MP3)

Ave verum corpus tenor (Adam, MP3)

Ave verum corpus bass

Parts MP3s (Piano): Mozart_-_Ave_Verum_Corpus_-_Soprano




Westminster Cathedral Choir — Ave Verum Corpus: Bernstein – Ave Verum Corpus: Ave Verum Corpus Practice videos. To make the words readable, display the video in full-screen mode (start play, then click the “[ ]” box in lower right corner of video). Even clearer: click the gear icon and change the video resolution to 720dpi.   Soprano:     Alto:     Tenor:     Bass:     He Watching Over Israel   He_watching_over_Israel good version (PDF Score)   He Watching Over Israel in C sop (MP3)

He Watching Over Israel in C alto (MP3)

He Watching Over Israel C tenor (MP3)

He Watching Over Israel C bass (MP3)

He Watching Over Israel:  

Hymn to Brahma

Hymn to Brahma score, 7-7-2014

Palo Alto Christmas 2014 Choir Parts

Jesus Christ The Apple Tree, King’s College Choir Jesus Christ the apple tree sheet music Jesus Christ the apple tree sop Jesus Christ the apple tree alto Jesus Christ the apple tree tenor Jesus Christ the apple tree tenor 2 Jesus Christ the apple tree bass   Gaudete sheet music Gaudete sop Gaudete alto Gaudete tenor Gaudete bass   Psallite, Unigenito Choral Performance MP3 Psallite, Unigenito PDF Score Psallite, Unigenito Choral Performance Video — D.E.U.M. Ensemble (quartet) from Arduino, Italy (same voices as MP3 above):  

  1. Psallite, Unigenito Alto MP3 (doo)
  2. Psallite, Unigenito Alto MP3
  3. Psallite, Unigenito Bass MP3 (nice and slow)
  4. Psallite, Unigenito Bass MP3
  5. Psallite, Unigenito Sop MP3
  6. Psalite, Unigenito Tenor MP3

Break Forth: PDF Score Break Forth, O Beauteous, Heavenly Light (J.S. Bach): Choral Performance MP3

  1. Break Forth: Alto MP3
  2. Break Forth: Bass MP3
  3. Break Forth: Sop MP3
  4. Break Forth: Tenor MP3

Palo Alto Christmas 2014 Ensemble Parts

Reminder: You can listen in stereo with headphones and move the sound input setting on your computer between the left or right speaker to hear more or less of your part over the background music. O Jesulein Süss sheet music O Jesulein Süss, Chanticleer O Jesulein Süss sop O Jesulein Süss alto O Jesulein Süss tenor O Jesulein Süss bass   The Lamb Sheet music The Lamb sung by Tenebrae Choir The Lamb sop The Lamb alto The Lamb tenor The Lamb bass   The Holly and the Ivy: Choral Performance MP3 The Holly and the Ivy: PDF Score

  1. The Holly and the Ivy: Alto MP3
  2. The Holly and the Ivy: Bass 1
  3. The Holly and the Ivy: Bass 2
  4. The Holly and the Ivy: Sop
  5. The Holly and the Ivy: Tenor

Performance at King’s College, Cambridge:     Riu, Riu, Chiu: Choral Performance MP3 Riu, Riu, Chiu: PDF Score

  1. Riu, Riu Chiu. Bass 1: MP3
  2. Riu, Riu Chiu. Bass 2: MP3
  3. Riu, Riu Chiu. Tenor 1: MP3
  4. Riu, Riu Chiu. Tenor 2: MP3

Choir Parts, Palo Alto Christmas 2013 (ensemble parts below)

Concert Program PDF Concert Program (Word Doc; concise)   Ave Maria (Rachmaninoff) Choral Performance MP3 Ave Maria (Rachmaninoff) PDF Score

  1. Ave Maria (Rachmaninoff) Alto 1 MP3
  2. Ave Maria (Rachmaninoff) Alto 2 MP3
  3. Ave Maria (Rachmaninoff) Bass MP3
  4. Ave Maria (Rachmaninoff) Sop 1 MP3
  5. Ave Maria (Rachmaninoff) Sop 2 MP3
  6. Ave Maria (Rachmaninoff) Tenor 1 MP3
  7. Ave Maria (Rachmaninoff) Tenor 2 MP3

Hallelujah Chorus: PDF Score  (NOTE: this score seems to be formatted for A4 paper; to avoid cutting off the bass part at the bottom of the page, best to download the PDF first then open in Adobe Reader; and when printing, choose “Fit.”

Hallelujah Chorus in Normal Key Soprano:




Ensemble Parts, Palo Alto Christmas 2013:

O Come, O Come Emanuel: PDF Score; See MP3s below from previous Christmas. Boston: PDF Score (3 verses) Boston: PDF Lyrics Boston: Choral Performance MP3

  1. Boston: Alto MP3
  2. Boston: Bass MP3 (down a whole step)
  3. Boston: Sop MP3
  4. Boston: Tenor MP3 (down a whole step)

God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen: PDF Score (Note: PDF score removed at request of the copyright holder.) God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen: Tenor (sorry — no other parts MP3s at this time) Misc. Scores and Pronunciation Guides

  1. Pronunciation guide for “Lo, How a Rose” in German (2nd verse, thanks to Chris Thorman): EsIstEinRos_Verse2_Pronunciation.mp3
  2. He_watching_over_Israel good version (Score)
  3. Living Water (Though Fallen Deep in Sin…). Notes for phrases to accent (jpeg) (From David Eby via Karen in Palo Alto – that’s her hand in the photo…)
  4. Mantra – Om Hring Kling MP3 | PDF – Swami’s music to the Sanskrit beeja mantra “Om Hring Kling.” This mantra is used to remove obstacles within oneself as well as the outside world. It encourages a free flow of energy in a situation. Swami remarked that a pundit in India told him it was unorthodox to set beeja mantras to music. But those who use the mantra have found it to be a great help.
  5. sanctus.mp3 (Performance)

Misc. Christmas Music See this page for translations of Alle Psallite, Sanctus, and In Dulci Jubilo (thanks to Dambara). Soprano: Alle Psallite soprano 1.mp3 Alle Psallite Sop 2.mp3 Brother James’s Air – Soprano.mp3 In Dulci Jubilo soprano.mp3 In the Bleak Midwinter soprano.mp3 Lo How a Rose soprano.mp3   O Come, O Come Soprano:

What Child is This soprano.mp3   Alto: Alle Psallite alto (bottoom line).mp3 Brother James’s Air – Alto.mp3 In Dulci Jubilo alto.mp3 In the Bleak Midwinter alto.mp3 Lo How a Rose alto.mp3 O Come, Oh Come Immanuel alto.mp3 What Child is This alto.mp3   Tenor: Brother James’s Air – Tenor – Dambara.mp3 He-watching-tenor2-in key of C.mp3 (Performance) In Dulci Jubilo tenor (Karen).mp3 (Karen) LoHowARose.mp3 (Tandava) In the Bleak Midwinter tenor.mp3 (Karen) Lo How a Rose tenor.mp3 (Karen) O Come, O Come Immanual tenor.mp3 (Karen) OComeImmanuel.mp3 (Graham) Sanctus.mp3 (Graham) What Child is This tenor.mp3 (Karen) WhatChildIsThis.mp3 (Graham)   Bass: Brother James’s Air – Bass.mp3 He Watching Over Israel – Bass.mp3 In-Dulci-Jubilo-bass.mp3 In the Bleak Midwinter.mp3 Lo, How a Rose E’er Blooming (bass).mp3

Sanctus.mp3 What Child is This_ (bass).mp3   Faure Requiem (Synth) faurereq3-alt.mp3 faurereq3-bas1.mp3 faurereq3-bas2.mp3 faurereq3-sop1.mp3 faurereq3-sop2.mp3 faurereq3-ten.mp3   Messiah Scores (PDFs): Messiah-let.pdf Messiah-vocal-keyboard-let.pdf Messiah-vocal-we-use-this-one-in-pa.pdf messiah.pdf   Messiah Practice MP3s Amen – Tenor.mp3 AmenTenor.mp3 Amen Chorus – Bass.mp3 And the Glory of the Lord – Bass.mp3 And-the-glory.pdf And the Glory of the Lord2 – Bass.mp3   Hallelujah Chorus in Key of C (down a step): Hallelujah – Full Chorus – C.mp3 Hallelujah – Alto – C.mp3 Hallelujah – Bass – C.mp3 Hallelujah – Soprano – C.mp3 Hallelujah – Tenor – C.mp3   Hallelujah Chorus in Normal Key Hallelujah – alto.mp3 Hallelujah – bass.mp3 Hallelujah – Bass.mp3 (alternate) Hallelujah – soprano.mp3 Hallelujah – Tenor.mp3   The Master’s Love For Me (by Dr. Lewis, arr. by David Miller) The Master’s Love for Me (Score – PDF) The Master’s Love for Me alto.mp3 MastersLove-tenor-tandava.mp3 The Master’s Love for Me, Tenor Part-dambara.mp3 The Master’s Love for Me, Bass Part.mp3   Shenandoah This is the beautiful eight-part arrangement by James Erb New Score: Shenandoah.pdf shenandoah-alto-1.mp3 shenandoah-alto-2.mp3 shenandoah-bass-1.mp3 shenandoah-bass-2.mp3 shenandoah-soprano-1.mp3 shenandoah-soprano-2.mp3 shenandoah-tenor-1.mp3 shenandoah-tenor-2-wo-intro.mp3 shenandoah-tenor-2.mp3   The Hill That Was Tara The Hill That Was Tara (mp3)   To Jordan Came Jesus To Jordan Came Jesus (mp3) Through a Long and Lonely Night Through a Long and Lonely Night (PDF score with keyboard notation)

To play or download a file, click it and choose the desired option. Concert Recording | MP3

CHOIR (Smaller Groups Below)

Boston – SATB Score | PDF | Lyrics (PDF) Boston – Performance by Boston Camerata | MP3 Boston Soprano | MP3 Boston Alto | MP3 Boston Tenor | MP3 | MP3 (no instrumental intro) Boston Bass | MP3

Glory to God – SATB Score| PDF Glory to God Soprano | MP3 Glory to God Alto | MP3 Glory to God Tenor | MP3 Glory to God Bass | MP3
Hallelujah Chorus – SATB Score | PDF Hallelujah Chorus Alto | PDF | MP3 (MP3s are in Key of C) Hallelujah Chorus Bass | PDF | MP3 Hallelujah Chorus Soprano | PDF | MP3 Hallelujah Chorus Tenor | PDF | MP3

SMALLER GROUPS (Invitational):

Alle Psallite – SATB Score | PDF Alle Psallite Soprano 1 | MP3 Alle Psallite Soprano 2 | MP3 Alle Psallite Alto – Bottom Line | MP3

Ding Dong Merrily on High – SATB Score | PDF | Lyrics (Word DOC) Ding Dong Merrily on High Tenor | MP3
God Rest You Merry Gentlemen – SATB Score | PDF (Note: PDF removed at request of the copyright holder 2/22/2016.) | Lyrics (Word DOC) God Rest You Merry Gentlemen Tenor | MP3
Hayl, Mary Ful of Grace – SATB Score | PDF | Lyrics (PDF) | Performance by Lionheart | Performance by Taverner Consort (for pronunciation) | Pronunciation Guide (PDF) Hayl, Mary Ful of Grace Middle Part | MP3 Hayl, Mary Ful of Grace Bottom Part | MP3
In Dulci Jubilo – SATB Score | PDF In Dulci Jubilo Soprano | MP3 In Dulci Jubilo Alto | MP3 In Dulci Jubilo Tenor (John) | MP3 In Dulci Jubilo Tenor (Karen) | MP3 In Dulci Jubilo Bass | MP3
O Come O Come Emmanuel – SATB Score | PDF | Lyrics (Word DOC) O Come O Come Emmanuel Soprano | MP3 O Come O Come Emmanuel Alto | MP3 O Come O Come Emmanuel Tenor (Karen) | MP3 O Come O Come Emmanuel Bass | MP3
Riu Riu Chiu – SATB Score | PDF | Lyrics with Translation (Word DOC) | Performance (MP3) Best for learning, by King’s Singers) | YouTube video | Performance (Cancionero de Uppsala – higher key than we sang in Palo Alto) | Performance (Cambridge King’s College Singers) | Performance (for laughs – the Monkees, 1967) Riu Riu Chiu Cantus | MP3 Riu Riu Chiu Altus | MP3 Riu Riu Chiu Tenor | MP3 Riu Riu Chiu Bass | MP3