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ARE  YOUR WRITTEN MATERIALS presenting a clear and persuasive image of your products and services? If not, I can help — and I can help quickly. Your desk will be clear in no time when you put my thirty years of experience to work.

I specialize in turning “almost-there” documents into prose that sparkles, so your readers will see you at your best.

George Beinhorn

My clients include businesses, as well as authors of nonfiction books, doctoral/master’s dissertations, and MBA program/grad school applications.

(Yes! I can help non-native speakers and enjoy doing so.
See Testimonials below.)

TECH EXPERIENCE. I’ve helped many tech companies with their websites, business plans, whitepapers, brochures, engineering reports, instruction manuals, press releases, newsletters, etc. (See “Testimonials” and “Clients” below.)

MY SIMPLE PROCESS puts you in control:

  1. Send me an email (see email address above) to schedule a free consultation.
  2. Send 1-10 pages for a sample edit — let me prove that I can do the job to your satisfaction.
  3. After you approve the sample edit, send me the project files for an immediate estimate.
  4. Upon receiving your go-ahead, I’ll begin editing, with a promise of quality, professionalism, and prompt, reliable turnaround.

MY FEES are affordable. I’ll be happy to quote a package price to complete your project. I work efficiently and never pad my invoices.

TERMS: 50% up front (after approval of sample edit); 50% upon approval of completed project. Revisions are included in quoted price.




B.A., M.A., Stanford University




(( General Business ))

Thank you for the quick turnaround. I am very pleased with the work done, so let me know if you need any references. I would be glad to help. – Bjorn Tuvesson, President, Bjorn Eyewear

You are a miracle worker! Many thanks! – Julia Andrick, Marketing Manager, The Brown Schools

Thanks! Truly you did a great job. – Jacqueline Nguyen, Real Estate agent, San Francisco

I wanted to touch base with you and thank you for the work you have done. Great work. – Patricia Griffin, CEO, ICon Financial Services

Again, great work! You are a great writer – exactly what I was hoping for. Looking forward to working together on a bunch of projects. Also, thanks for the speedy turn-around. – Jason LaBarbera, Vice President, Schweichler Price & Partners, Inc.

Thanks so much.  Nice work.  I will have more work in the future. – Lisa Romano, Batna

We really liked what you did with the presentation. – John Bou, Kinnection

Great job on the Santa Barbara Channel Islands running adventure trip description! It sold out in a week! We sold 34 spaces, where we’d anticipated just 28. – Eric Gould, President, Redwood Trails

Thanks for doing such a great job! – Nan Wieser, Delaplaine Creative, Inc.

Thanks for all your assistance with the many projects. Your cheerful attitude and willingness make my day much easier. — Gail Stein, Manager, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Stanford University

(( PhD, MA/MS thesis authors, MBA/graduate school applicants ))

Thanks for the wonderful job you did on my thesis. – Chen Chang, PhD candidate, UC Berkeley, Department of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering

You have been a great help — I believe I’ve improved my English writing style by imitating yours. – Young Kim, MBA program applicant

All the essays look great. Thanks for all your hard work. These are really coming together nicely. – Brent Daugherty, MBA program applicant

By the way, I like your response and professionalism. I will keep your contact handy and use your services for future projects and recommend you to my friends and clients who may need writing help. – Ganesh Ranganathan, MBA program applicant

(( Authors of Nonfiction Books ))

I have worked with you for over twenty years and have always found you to be punctual, professional, and remarkably sensitive to the material. I can’t recommend you highly enough. You have an exceptional ability to bring a writer’s ideas to life. – Joseph Cornell, president, Sharing Nature Foundation; author, Sharing Nature with Children and six follow-up titles edited by George Beinhorn.

I just received word from a publisher that he loved my book and wants to publish it. Among his many positive comments: ‘I felt electrified reading it…. Your book sings.’ Some of that praise belongs to you and your wonderfully sensitive editing hand. Thank you, and see you on the acknowledgments page – Dean Ottati, author, The Runner and the Path, published by Breakaway Books

I am delighted with the chapters you have sent…. I am looking forward to seeing more of your fine work…. It is only since working with you that I feel a sense of making real progress toward completion. – David Steinmetz, optical research engineer (retired), Xerox Palo Alto Research Center (PARC)

(1) We are very pleased with your changes, finding them logical and clear…. (2) As usual, your changes took our liner notes to a new and improved level. (3) We have reviewed everything, and they are all wonderful! We will be sending you more as they are written. – Cheryl Martlage, co-author with Emerson Martlage, Time to Partner.

(( Technology ))

Thanks again for your great work. You’re a dream to work with. Please feel free to use me as a reference going forward (but only when we don’t need you ourselves). – Sylvia Ahern, Ph.D., Director of Communications, Kintana (now Mercury Interactive, a division of Hewlett Packard)

Thanks for doing a great job in record time and over the weekend. – D.S. (name of client and company withheld per NDA)

You’ve done a great job. Thank you very much. Nice incorporation of all information. — Christopher Kranyak, Hydrofoils Incorporated

I like your writing style–it’s clear and straightforward, exactly what we’re after. – Bill Spence, Vice President, Recognition Systems, Inc

Thanks for all the great work. – Jim Kilmurray, Director of Business Development, Intresys

You have done an outstanding job editing our 80-page business plan. Thank you very much. I am impressed with the quality of your work. You perform professionally, in a time-efficient manner. – E. Wang, Ph.D., CEO (major technology startup, company name withheld per NDA)

Thanks for your work — it looks very good. – Ron Dabbagh, International Marketing Director, Kintana (now Mercury Interactive, a division of Hewlett Packard); CEO, MarketRemedy

Thank you for your great work. I’m impressed. You are good!! – Jaime Martinez, TekLeap Information Technology Solutions, San Francisco

In my opinion, your skills as a writer draw a concise and accurate mind’s eye vision of what I have been busting my tail on for almost two years. That written vision to me is almost as tangible as the floor I am standing on. This is extremely valuable at this stage of our development. – J. R., CEO (name withheld per NDA)

Thanks again. I enjoy reading your work. It’s right on target with what I’m looking for. – Pat Rodimer, Director of Communications,

Great work you’ve done! – Andy Chang,





CITRIX. The Citrix NetScaler family of products provide application security and acceleration “boxes” to 200,000 customers, including such top-tier companies as Google and Microsoft. Edited 2500 pages of technical manuals for the NetScaler and other systems from Citrix’s Application Delivery division.

SIGNASYS, INC. Digital TV/radio station engineering consultants and systems integrators. SignaSys was named sole contractor for staff training at 2,000 TV stations as part of the Sprint Nextel FDA-mandated 2 GHz BAS relocation project. Wrote all text for SignaSys’ new website and completed other assigned editing and writing projects.

ORTEGA INFOSYSTEMS, INC. A leading digital surveillance video systems integrator. Ortega’s 1400+ installations include Grand Central Station and Kennedy International Airport. Researched and wrote sales brochures.

HYDROFOILS INC. Manufacturer of high-speed hydrofoil emergency rescue craft and ferries. Wrote datasheet for SeaFoil emergency rescue vessel.

BEYOND SQL. Edited web copy for industry-leading benchmarking software.

TEKLEAP INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS.  Edited brochure and website. TekLeap is a customer service-oriented networking and business analysis consultancy.

MERCURY, INC. A DIVISION OF HEWLETT PACKARD (formerly Kintana, Inc.). Lead writer for re-branded website. Wrote and edited brochures, data sheets, white papers, executive summaries, and web copy. Mercury’s products accelerate application development for users of enterprise software applications from Oracle, Siebel, SAP, and PeopleSoft. Clients include Cisco Systems, Silicon Graphics, GE, and Corio.

TYPEPAD. Edited marketing materials. TypePad won the PC Magazine ‘Editor’s Choice’ award for blog service providers.

TVHEAD.NET. Edited website. TvHead provides high-quality aggregated videogame content to cable and satellite TV networks.

GLOBALVR. Edited direct marketing letter for world’s leading manufacturer of PC-based coin-op video games.

SIEGEWORKS. Edited web copy for this leading provider of enterprise security solutions.

INTRESYS, INC. Edited marketing communications documents, including brochure and data sheets for major new product.

SWAT ENGINEERING – SHELL OIL PRODUCTS USA. Consulted on document-production technologies.

RECOGNITION SYSTEMS, INC. Wrote and edited copy for website, news releases, white papers, and data sheets. Recognition Systems is the leading supplier of biometric hand-recognition security devices worldwide. RSI’s clients include Lotus Development, General Electric, Bankers Trust, Lawrence Livermore Lab, U.S. Army, U.S. Navy, U.S. Department of Justice, Walt Disney, Westinghouse, and major universities.

WIDE AREA MANAGEMENT SERVICES. Wrote content for revised website. WAMS supplies network installation, configuration, and troubleshooting services for 20% of the high-tech companies on the Bay Area 150 list, including Cisco Systems, AT&T, Fujitsu Business Systems, Network Associates, Optical Networks, Santa Cruz Operations, Solectron, and Sun Microsystems. When network troubleshooters need help with their hardest problems, they call WAMS.

MONDOSOFT (SEARCHBUTTON). Wrote and edited copy for website FAQs and marketing and technology white papers. Searchbutton provides site-search and analytics for individuals, small business, and corporate websites.

TRISTREAM. Wrote marketing brochures, press releases, data sheets, web copy, and advertising copy. Tristream provides web application and UI design services for tech companies and financial institutions across the US.

PACIFIC ACCESS. Edited copy for corporate website. Pacific Access is a $100 million worldwide network and systems integration company, providing network and computing products and services to the telecommunications industry.

TREND TECHNOLOGIES. Wrote corporate marketing brochures, international sales brochures, and web copy. Trend is a manufacturing subcontractor for Dell Computers, Sun Microsystems, Sony Consumer Electronics, Hewlett-Packard, and Cisco Systems.

E-M-SOLUTIONS. Wrote corporate marketing brochure. E-M-Solutions is a manufacturing subcontractor for Apple, Sun Microsystems, Hewlett-Packard, and other major tech companies.

MELISSA RANDALL CONSULTING. Wrote product brochures and data sheets describing new enterprise software for the automobile industry. (Company name and product details withheld per NDA.)


AODESIGN METHODS. Edited documents for Hewlett Packard, a client of this design agency. AODesign Methods is owned by Robert Arko and Aura Oslapas, lead designers for many years at IDEO, the world-renowned product-design firm founded by Stanford University professor David Kelley.

LABOR CONNECTION. Edited administrative materials. With more than twenty offices in California, Labor Connection has provided reliable temporary labor to industry since 1991.

ICON FINANCIAL SERVICES. ICon is the sixth-fastest-growing company in Silicon Valley, and one of the top 300 woman-owned businesses in the US. ICon provides tax compliance services for independent contractors and the companies who hire them. (Nature of work protected by NDA.)

BJORN EYEWEAR. Edited marketing materials for this top San Francisco eyewear boutique. The bjorn* brand encompasses an exclusive line of hundreds of Italian and French designer frames, plus custom optics and sunglasses.

BAKKEN CREATIVE CO. Wrote and edited copy for multiple-award-winning design agency. Bakken was one of the Bay Area’s 25 fastest-growing companies in 2005. (Project details withheld per nondisclosure.)

REDWOOD TRAILS. Edited web copy for this race management company specializing in long-distance running and other outdoor events in scenic areas.

SCHWEICHLER PRICE & PARTNERS, INC. Wrote and edited executive applicant review materials. Schweichler Price is one of the top 25 technology search firms in the U.S.

THE MCMURRY COMPANY. Industrial psychologists specializing in upper-management candidate evaluation, and corporate culture analysis for business investors. Copyedited reports and profiles.

DELAPLAINE CREATIVE. Lead editor for major website redesign. Delaplaine Creative, Inc. is one of the nation’s best-known multimedia production companies, with a client list that includes Microsoft, Mercedes, Lego, Disney, MTV, Palm, Sony, IBM, Samsung, Saab, Landor Associates, Blockbuster, Virgin, Seagate, FedEx, Xbox, Straw Hat Pizza, and Media 100.

DYSTRICK DESIGN. Edited web copy for a Dystrick client company.

BEYONDWORK.COM. Wrote brochures and cover letters for print and e-mail marketing campaigns, edited other sales materials. Beyondwork offers desktop PC-accessed discount shopping to employees of more than 1500 US corporations.

DANCETIME PUBLICATIONS. Helped publisher with formatting of complex bibliographies and source lists, copyedited text for dance history DVD, and rewrote narrative descriptions.


RANDY HUANG, PH.D. Edited doctoral dissertation, ‘Hardware-Assisted Fast Routing for Runtime Reconfigurable Computing,’ in the Dept. of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at UC Berkeley.

CHEN CHANG, PH.D. Edited doctoral dissertation, ‘Design and Applications of a Reconfigurable Computing System for High Performance Digital Signal Processing,’ in the Dept. of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at UC Berkeley.

YOUNG GON KIM. Edited MBA program application essays.

BRENT DAUGHERTY. Edited MBA program application essays.

HYERAN PARK. Edited master’s thesis, ‘Home Language Socialization in the Bay Area Korean Community,’ in the Dept. of Sociology, San Jose State University.

MARC SCHINDLER. Edited thesis, ‘Efficiency Analysis and Improvement Project of the SAP Netweaver Development Unit Palo Alto,’ for Diploma in Business Engineering, University of Applied Sciences, Mannheim, Germany.

GANESH RANGANATHAN. Edited MBA program application essays.


STANFORD UNIVERSITY, MECHANICAL ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT. Full-charge production of departmental newsletter, ME News, including author contact, articles editing, design, layout, photography, and management of print production and mailing. Edited articles authored by the following Stanford faculty: Professors Ron Hansen (former Chair), Fritz Prinz (Chair), Eric Darve, Chris Edwards, David Kelley (founder/president, IDEO, Inc.), Larry Leifer, Adrian Lew, Parviz Moin, Guenter Niemeyer, Heinz Pitsch, Beth Pruitt, Eric Shaqfeh, and Sherry Sheppard. Also managed departmental website.


Other Relevant Experience



The Joyful Athlete: The Wisdom of the Heart in Exercise and Sports Training (2015)

Head & Heart: How a Balanced Education Nurtures Happy Children Who Excel in School & Life (2017)

Happiness & Success at School: A Magnificent Synergy. (2018) Answering parents’ questions about the surprising links between happiness and high performance in the classroom. How positive feelings and individual attention nurture success in the early grades, in high school and college, and for all of life.

Author, six how-to books on popular PC applications; author, editor, technical editor, and/or chapter author on collaborative application guides.

Author, 1500+ magazine, newspaper and Web articles; former Contributing Editor, PC/Computing and PC World magazines.

Assistant Editor, Runner’s World magazine, editor Bike World (now Bicycling). Edited, wrote, and/or translated books and articles on sports physiology, training, sports medicine, and sports news. Staff photographer, World Publications.

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