Adobe’s New Noise Removal Tool for RAW Photos

If you take photos in a Raw format and you are troubled by grainy pictures taken in low light, the new noise removal tool in Adobe Camera Raw (part of Photoshop) will amaze you.
I shot the first two pictures in this gallery at our Living Wisdom School science fair today.
Open one of the photos of the third-graders doing a science experiment, then click it again to enlarge. Then do the same with the other pic. You’ll notice that one is very, very grainy because it was shot at ISO 20,000. In the other pic, the children’s skin is lovely smooth. This is a new feature in Adobe Camera Raw, and it is revolutionary for being able to take pictures indoors in low light and remove the grain.
To find the new noise removal tool in ACR, open a raw photo in Photoshop. It will open in Camera Raw. Choose Details > and you’ll see the new noise removal feature.