Make Your Photos “Pop” with Perfectly Clear 3D Technology

Here’s a photo of some Swiss cows.

And here’s the photo with advanced 3D imaging depth technology applied:


I used a Photoshop plugin called Perfectly Clear to process the photo of the Swiss cows.

I won’t attempt an in-depth discussion of the technology behind Perfectly Clear. As for the effect, I think the photos speak for themselves. (My new color-accurate monitor arrives in a couple days. Still, I think the difference is “Perfectly Clear.”)

Suffice it to say that Perfectly Clear was initially offered as a solution to a serious problem that doctors faced when reading x-ray films. The issue was that x-ray developing machines used standard photographic technology that averages the exposure of all images to 18% gray. As a result, the x-rays looked flat and featureless, making them difficult to interpret.

Athentech, the original makers of Perfectly Clear, devised a way to develop each pixel of an image separately, instead of averaging the exposure over the whole image. The result was x-ray images that gave doctors an accurate impression of depth, making them much easier to interpret.

Athentech then brought their innovative tech to consumer and professional photography, with wonderful results. Photos of landscapes, people, and all manner of subjects acquired a new sense of depth and texture. The technology is now used by photo labs worldwide to process millions of images.