Can the iPhone 12 Pro Max Take Decent Portraits?

Can iPhones take good portraits?

You be the judge. I posted a new article over on the main Ananda Garden site this afternoon. You can find it here:

David James — Martial Artist, Steward & Disciple

Yeah, the photo was taken with an iPhone. Which, while interesting in itself, raises a broader question: can we take good photos with modest equipment.

I’ve lived long enough and taken sufficient photos to be able to opine confidently: “Yes.”

Here’s a photo of me at a beach just north of Santa Cruz, California. I think it’s a pretty decent pic. My girlfriend at the time captured it at exactly the right moment.

I didn’t do nearly as well even though I was shooting with about $4500 worth of Nikon professional camera gear. And what’s particularly humbling about Emily’s photo is that she took it with an eight-dollar Fujifilm throw-away camera.

Would it have been better if she’d shot it with more expensive gear? Again, you decide.

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