Frustrated by HUGE Video Uploads?

Do you wish there was a faster way to upload video files to YouTube and Vimeo?

The problem: your download speeds are above 100 Mbps. Your upload speeds, on the other hand, are an abysmal 5 Mbps.

Here’s a guide for Mac users to compressing the dickens out of an iPhone 12 Pro Max Dolby Vision HDR clip. The original 12-minute clip was 1.7 GB. After compression it was just 92 MB without losing quality.

Here’s the link to the instructions on the excellent 9to5Mac YouTube channel:

How to edit and publish iPhone 12 HDR video with FCP X

It will take a long time to compress the file, but you should recover the time with drastically shorter upload times.

You can use the same compression method with iMovie. After editing your video in iMovie, export your movie in a lossless format, and import it into Compressor and follow the steps in the guide.

The Apple Compressor program is $49.99 on the App Store.

Because I’m new to the Macbook I took notes and typed a step-by-step guide. Hope this helps.

fcp hdr (Word Docx)

fcp hdr (PDF)

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