iPhone 12 Pro Max for Photo-Video Folks of a Certain Age

That’s Ron, our wonderful video guy. Ron will celebrate his ninetieth on March 7.

Speaking of the passing years, if you’re reasonably familiar with cameras you probably noticed an intriguing detail of the photo.

I’m talking about the view through the windows. It was a bright, sunny morning and the temple interior was relatively dark, yet the camera captured significant detail in the tree and the roof tiles. (I was shooting plain JPEGs, not Apple ProRAW.)

Were any of the cameras you’ve owned able to gobble detail from such a wide spectrum of dark and light?

Of course the title gives my secret away — I was shooting with the iPhone.

After trading my Canon full-frame camera gear for the phone, I have absolutely no hint of  lingering regrets. The 12 Pro Max is stupendous for photos and video. (Examples here and here.)

As if that weren’t sufficient, it’s also shockingly good for audio. I was stunned by the quality of the music and dialogue I was able to record with the phone’s tiny built-in speakers.

As Ken Rockwell has noted, Apple has some of the world’s best audio engineers.
“Few people realize that Apple iOS devices have some of the best audio digital-to-analog converters and low-impedance headphone amplifiers available at any price.” (From his review of the iPhone 6S audio features.)

I’ll post video/audio samples to YouTube as my schedule allows. I’ll include the links in a future article.

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