Down, Ego! (Gear Guide, Refreshed)

Alex Knickerbocker is a full-time audio pro who generously shares his insights on his YouTube channel.

When he reviewed an audio editing plugin that costs (sit down and hold tight) $1500, I submitted a comment:

As a complete audio beginner, but a stills photographer for 54 years, I think there’s a definite threshold between What Just Works and what a full-time pro would need to have in his kit in order to continue to serve his elite feature film clients as they expect and make a living.

But I think we’ve reached a point where the dividing line between pro and beginner gear is a fairly low bar nowadays, thanks to rapid advances in technology and a very feature-rich market for used gear.

I can, for example, shoot thoroughly professional photos on a used $300-$500 Canon 5D or 6D. I can record pro audio on a used Sound Devices MixPre-3. And of course I can edit pro audio with Adobe Premiere and Adobe Audition, and do it even more quickly with the affordable ERA plugins.

I enjoy your reviews of high-end gear. They are at once pleasant, professional, and informative. But I’m not going to let my Inner Idiot break loose and go searching for the last 0.0005 degree of asymptotic gear perfection.

There — I’ve composed my marching anthem:

“Down, ego! Down!”

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