Converting the Moondog iPhone 11 Pro Adapter for iPhone 12 Pro Max

Adapted with round file.


As I’ve mentioned, I’ve sold my Canon full-frame camera and replaced it with the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

I’m the last guy on earth who ought to have Apple’s fanciest iPhone. I spend maybe 2-3 minutes per month total yakking on the phone — a $10 Red Pocket Mobile subscription does me fine.

But I’m super happy to be able to carry — at last! after 54 years in photography — an absolute beast of an audio, video, and photo production machine in a tiny, lightweight package.

A problem I found is that, as an early iPhone 12 Pro Max buyer, I had to wait a couple of weeks before the Moment case for the new phone was available.

As you may know, the Moment cases allow you to attach filters and auxiliary lenses to the iPhone. I use it to attach two 77mm filters that I kept from my big-camera days: the Tiffen variable neutral density, and the Tiffen Black Satin 3. The Black Satin softens digital video and photos, making them look more natural and film-like.

The second issue I faced — and it was a big one — is that nobody is currently selling a filter adapter for the Moment case. I had a Moondog adapter from my old iPhone 11 Pro, and it very nicely allowed using the lenses on the iPhone 12 Pro Max case, but it covered the flash and, much more important, the LiDAR scanner that makes focusing easy in darkness.

My solution was to saw-out the parts of the adapter ring that were covering the Lidar and flash. (See images above.)

I used a 10-inch round file that I bought on Amazon Prime for $8.99 with one-day delivery. Worked fine with a little elbow grease. You’ll pay $35 for the iPhone 11 Pro adapter, but at least you won’t have to wait.

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