How to Make Your Piano Sound (a Whole Lot) Better With 200-Year-Old Tuning

Sorry digital piano owners, this isn’t for you!

For those with real tuneable pianos, listen up.

David Pinnegar is a piano tuner in the UK. David advocates a very old “unequal temperament” tuning method that can make modern pianos sound better – much better, as they sounded 200 years ago.

I’m posting this because I’m interested in any methods, technical or otherwise, that promise to help make make Swami Kriyananda’s music sound its best.

In the first video, David Pinnegar demonstrates how much better pianos sound when tuned as they were circa 1800. I suggest watching the intro where he explains the theory, then skipping to near the end where he demonstrates the effect of the older tuning on a very expensive modern piano that was owned by Michael Jackson.

Here’s a video where a young contestant plays a Haydn piece on another very expensive piano, a Fazoli, with full orchestra.

Here’s a video where a Italian pianist Miena Sanada describes how he came to enjoy playing Chopin and Liszt on a piano tuned with the unequal temperament method.

Finally, here’s pianist Miena Sanada playing Chopin’s Ballade No.4 Op. 52.

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    • Hello Oscar. I’m no pianist, but gosh, if that isn’t life – so full of tradeoffs. Maybe Yamaha will make a piano that can change tunings with the press of a button.


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