Gear versus Inspiration

I responded to a post by Kirk Tuck on his Visual Science Lab blog.

“Wonderful. I get up at 4 and sing for an hour in the studio. I’ve been doing it for maybe 6-8 months daily and it has changed my consciousness in good ways. I’ve been a stills photographer since 1966. I’m busy recording words, pictures, and video along a certain line. Gear is neutral, it can be used expansively or contractively. Some of the best words, pictures, and video I’ve recorded were encoded variously with high-end to very pedestrian gear. Right now, I’m deeply interested in how I can capture the mood of a favorite video of a music rehearsal that moves me deeply. It was shot with audio on an iPhone SE with a Freefly Movi stabilizer. I will only change my gear (Canon 6D, 24-105, 135/2, GoPro 8, MixPre-6 II, Sony PCM-M10) if it will help me remove all traces of gear in favor of transparent inspiration. I dare not say what my subjects are; the world today clenches its teeth against true inspiration.”

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