Art in the Time of Coronavirus / Covid-19

Artist at the Kuchinate African women refugee artists’ collective store in Tel-Aviv.

When I was eight in 1950 my best friend Bill and I (he’s now a retired pharmacist in San Jose) would climb in a big refrigerator carton and sing “Tea for Two,” “Good Night, Irene,” “Sweet Violets,” and other top hits of the day. Our joy needs no elaborate explanation.

Displaced women living in dire poverty in refugee camps in Africa found joy and grounding by getting together and creating stunningly beautiful indigenous textile art.

Art provides a wonderful instrument for sucking the joy from a focused mind and uplifted heart. The areas of the brain where deep focus and concentration are localized house wonderful qualities of happiness, plus the ability to form long-term plans and carry them through to completion.

Art and focus equal joy inexorably.

Kuchinate Collective Website & Store

Artists work together at Kuchinate Collective in Tel-Aviv.

3 thoughts on “Art in the Time of Coronavirus / Covid-19”

  1. “Our joy needs no elaborate explanation.” Absolutely! I love that picture! When I was little I would sing Kingston Trio songs to my stuffed animals under the covers after going to bed. I was suffocating and sweaty but SO happy.
    The refugee art is stunning. Beauty has a way of percolating through many layers of outward circumstance, doesn’t it?


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