Photography: A Condition of the Heart

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MICRO FOUR THIRDS~answering the sceptics

runbei 1 second ago

Terry, this is wonderful. The scene setting for the video is tops, lighting is perfect, video quality and colors are lovely, you comb your hair and don’t wear your hat backwards and don’t yell “Whuzzup Internet” at the start. 🙂

I love what I’m seeing in the Four Thirds world, with folks like you and Emily Lowery (Micro Four Nerds).

So many young photographers have this spooky feeling that they’d be much happier and more deeply satisfied if they could produce photos that would be SO sharp that nobody could complain.

At 77 and after 53 years of taking pictures, sometimes for a living, I’ve arrived at a condition of heart and mind where I’m well satisfied with a Canon 6D and two superb lenses and a GoPro Hero 8. (The lenses are the 24-105 L and 135/2.)

Now that the gear is taken care of, very sweetly, I don’t look outside myself for satisfaction in the form of megapixels or sharpness.

A successful shoot, for me, is one where I am able to get myself out of the way and serve as an instrument for pix that inspire or uplift or move the heart or make people smile.

At any rate, my first thought beyond the Canon and GoPro is Four Thirds for video, probably the G85X.


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