Favorite Photo & Video Instructional YouTube Channels, Episode 1

My favorite video-production YouTube channel?

Potato Jet — hands down!

Gene Nagata is a young Los Angeles filmmaker who enjoys sharing his discoveries and his life.

I love that Gene’s channel isn’t only about the tech.

Potato broke his elbow while trying to do a skateboard kick-flip recently. His attitude was impressive — he filmed the whole episode from the fall to the surgery and recovery and was remarkably cheerful and philosophical throughout. One tough, spunky, good-tempered dude.

While watching Spuddy’s videos I end up smiling a lot, and of course it leads me to wonder why.

My thoughts and feelings coalesced this morning after watching a video about, of all things, a high-end ASUS video-editing monster machine. I submitted a comment:

Speed gets its own track on the fun-meter timeline, still it’s fascinating how much sheer FUN WordStar was on a Morrow Micro Decision 1 with 64K of RAM in 1982. Wisdom from the mountaintop: joy comes by nudging our edges. More joy from internal creative expansion than from eternal acquisition. But that’s what I enjoy about your channel – lots of love for the puppies and for teaching and Kari and sharing joy with others. It ain’t the tech but what you do with it – that’s what I really learn from Spud-Up. Thanks!

I guess it means I’m just unrepentantly sentimental, but I persist in believing that good art is about love. I don’t care if it’s dealing with foul-mouthed brawling hockey players (Goon) or under-clothed saints (Gandhi) — if it opens my heart, I’m always going to give it a big thumbs-up.

I’ll be posting more about my favorite online creators in the weeks ahead. Watching new vids from these guys is a highlight of my day, not just for the info, but for the amazing opportunity to spend time with big-hearted teachers and creators from all over the world.

(“Spud-Up” refers to Gene’s remarkable resemblance to the boy in the animated film Up.)

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