Thank you, Alan Schaller

It’s lovely when the daily grind gets interrupted by an unforeseen moment of inspiration.

I’m not much moved by the bulk of “street” photography, as I feel most of it is posted by people who are still finding their way. It’s not their fault; the Internet is to blame, by giving learners, experts, masters, magicians and the anencephalic an equal voice.

Here’s a link to a sweet short film by photographer Alan Schaller, discovered while I celebrated completing a big writing project by munching on chocolate-covered coconut chewies.

“Streets in Mind”:

(My YouTube comment follows.)

runbei 1 second ago

Alan, I found this deeply inspiring. I shoot “street-style” as a utility photographer – i.e., shooting whatever is needed for my yoga sangha and community. I was a staff photographer 1972-74 at Runner’s World and still (rarely) do sports. Point being, your approach is mine whether for sports, in K-8 classrooms, and at scheduled shoots or day-long events: there’s always a need to to prepare the whole “chain” of photographic tools, including heart and mind, by releasing the ego’s desires and being as fully in the present as possible. Like you I find it a wonderfully expansive, quietly moving experience. To recap, this film was a sweet, wonderful discovery. Thank you!

I’ve adopted as my online persona Lazlo Hollyfeld, the burned-out former grad student played by actor Jon Gries  in the 1985 Val Kilmer film “ Real Genius.”

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