Living Water — The Musical Soul of Ananda, with Keshava Betts

Keshava helps Kshama with her Oratorio solo, Ananda Palo Alto.

We talked with Keshava Betts, singer, cellist, actor, and — literally — lifelong devotee of Ananda’s music.

We’ll post the 52-minute audio first, with an edited transcription to follow. Keshava’s love of the inspired music of Ananda began at birth and continues unabated. Enjoy!

Keshava Betts – Living Water (mp3; 65mb)

Comment from Nayaswami Atmajyoti. “Thank you sooooo much, Keshava, for sharing your sacred moments and thoughts with us….filled with most helpful and blessed guidance, wisdom, and inspiration. Many of your hints and practices I’ve heard but now I think I will actually do them! With more patience and enthusiasm! Some were brand new and felt like such joyful revelations I know their benefits will expand my consciousness….and maybe even my ability to sing. It’s a work in progress but you have given me fresh incentive knowing the uplifted vibrations will continue to shape and change my life experience. In Master’s love & joy, Atmajyoti💕”