What’s Up with These Amazing Classical Pianists?

What’s up with the female pianists thrilling audiences today?

I’ve mentioned the amazing Polina Osetinskaya. What special alignment of the stars was required for Polina and Mitsuko Uchida to inhabit the world simultaneously? Let’s hope they are never booked to play in the same hemisphere. I’m sure that a chunk of the material world would be atomized and sucked through the gap as an astral vapor.

Mitsuko Uchida can squeeze more joy from Mozart than any other pianist I’ve heard, including Artur Rubinstein who, I’m convinced, was Mozart in a former life. And never mind if Mitsuko brings her whole body to bear while she plays: whatever it takes to give her all, it’s working. If you’re seeking a mental-emotional-spiritual re-set, give a listen.

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