Resources for Ananda Singers

Practice MP3s

Use the menus above to download practice MP3s. Here you'll find copies of many of the same MP3s that are available on the main Ananda Music Site. (Login: anandamusic/123456.) The difference is that the Ananda site is tightly controlled for musical correctness (hence fewer MP3s), whereas AnandaGarden serves singers who need MP3s, even if there are (rare) wrong notes.

Special thanks to Jeffrey Phillips, Chaitanya, Jeannie, Dambara, Karen, and David Eby for recording many wonderful MP3s.

If you acquire a practice MP3 that you would like to share, you can send it to Rambhakta via or another big-file transfer service. If it’s under 10 MB, you can email it: 

Sheet Music

NEW: Complete Ananda Music Collection (PDF). A labor of love by Chris Thorman, this is a 536-page PDF containing all of the sheet music for Swamiji”s pieces for choir and smaller groups (SATB format). It includes the latest version of the scores, incorporating all of the changes Swamiji made to the lyrics in April 2013. Can be used on tablets, or saved to your computer for reference or printing.

Chris’s notes: “Features of this version: (1) Full Oratorio (2) All pieces start on a right-hand page, so they can easily be independently removed without affecting other pieces in the binder (3) Global page numbering across all pages, making it easy to re-file items once they have been removed. This set contains one defect that I am aware of. The words-only page for To Death I Am A Stranger is on the verso, at the end of the prior song (violating my goal that each song's pages are independent). Partly this is an artifact of the order that the page appeared in, in the original PDF. Really, it should have been moved to be the last page of To Death, so that To Death’s “real” page 1 still starts on a recto, and that page comes at the end.”

NOTE: Here is the older 400-page PDF with scores printed double-sided. If the first score (A New Tomorrow) doesn’t print properly from your browser’s PDF plugin (notes mis-drawn), download the file to your desktop and open it with Adobe Reader. It should print fine.)

Sheet Music (Individual Parts). PDFs of 57 songs. Each set includes one part. It’s a convenient, compact way to print the music: Soprano | Alto | Tenor | Bass

Guitar & Harmonium

Guitar Accompaniments lovingly maintained by Dambara.

The O God Beautiful website  by Dambara.  73 harmonium videos of every chant in the Ananda Chants book; 4 "beginner" videos showing how to set up and play a harmonium; 65 guitar accompaniment scores; 6 Festival of Light guitar videos; and 31 guitar accompaniment videos by Jake & Lewis.

Ananda Harmonium Practice Videos. Brahmachari Tandava takes you step by step through 10 popular Ananda chants, learning the melody first, then drone, then chords, then words; plus a video by Dambara showing Swami’s “chord version” of Door of My Heart.

Advice for Singers

Swami Kriyananda's talk for Ananda singers: How to use the voice to uplift and inspire (15.5 MB MP3)

The Sacred Art of Singing. Advice from Ananda music director David Eby on finding inner attunement with the Divine and singing with inspiration.

Voice Lessons. Ramesha’s Vocal Bliss site offers free resources including instructional videos. A professional singer, violinist, and long-time Ananda member, Ramesha is a highly recommended guide for those wanting to prepare their voices to perform, with a focus on channeling inspiration.

More Resources

Lift Your Hearts! Conversations with Ananda Music Directors Around the World. This very special music, composed by Swami Kriyananda, creates lasting inspiration in those who perform it.

Thy Light Within Us Shining. Conversations with Ananda members on how they have thrived spiritually by serving Paramhansa Yogananda’s work.

The Energization Exercises: 40 Years of Stories (PDF; 5100 words). A disciple of Paramhansa Yogananda recounts his experiences while practicing the “rechargers” every day for more than 41 years.

A list of Ananda music for singing in your car or elsewhere (MS Word). Names of 282 vocal pieces in a list that you can download, edit to your liking, and print to keep in your car. Learn, practice, and soar in spirit as you drive (or shower, or cook, or hike).